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    Elriz Buenaventura. Filipino.

    This blog started in June 2010 (Philippines), as a journal for my experiences at work —which pretty much involved roaming within Metro Manila and some neighboring towns— and for logging other personal stuff (hobby, weekend activities). Photos used in the blog back then were from the point and shoot camera that I had for work (an Olympus FE15,X10), intended for site survey only! That, I thought, was better than snapping with a VGA cam phone which I truly first enjoyed.

    In November of 2011, I was dispatched in the Kingdom. Along with the intense curiosity and eagerness to document my experiences in the country, it was an opportunity to get new tools and that’s when I got more into photography, and also paved new opportunities on the course.

    Landscape, people, food, nature, and anything in between (link: check out all TAGS and other LINKS), from the places I’ve visited (link: check out the PLACES page).

    Elsewhere: Instagram VSCO | facebook | S6 | vimeo flickr

    All images here are taken by me, unless otherwise mentioned.

    © 2010-2014 Elriz Buenaventura

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