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  • Monsoon

    Among the things I miss the most. (So let’s keep a record.)

  • We are currently experiencing continuous, torrential rain, (it was thundering earlier), brought by Tropical Storm Mario (Fung-Wong) and the monsoon. It now threatens residents who are living near the Marikina River (and other flood prone areas) which calls for evacuation.

  • Five A4 prints for my room.

    It’s been a while. It will be three weeks tomorrow since I arrived home. Enough time to fix things and get ready for a new beginning. Soon, I will be leaving again. Slightly different setup but basically the same working environment.

    Above are five prints now hanging in my room. They look a bit better in actual (details), although the prints have that greenish tone despite their being ‘black and white’. I just did not complain about it in the print shop. The frames are cheap and are okay.

    From left to right: (1) World Trade Center Bahrain; (2) Mosque, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; (3) Pitong Sagurong Falls, Albay, Philippines; (4) Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland; (5) Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

    The waterfalls is an odd addition since I couldn’t think of an appropriate one from home. In the future, I plan to hang bigger prints in a more spacious area/wall. :)

  • Clouds over Arabia in wigglegrams

  • "You drift through life and let things happen to you, or go by design and say, ‘This is what I’m intended to do.’"

  • "…dandelion…”

    Missed to post this one here but it has been on the YS page and surprisingly, somehow, made it to the trending/popular page. :)

  • Yanbu Mangrove

    As the month of Ramadan closes, it’s time for us to take a short break and relax, and also wander into [nearby] places. A way to break photography rut —see and photograph the mangroves by the Red Sea coast.

    Mangrove photos from before the sun touched the horizon and a bit after sunset.

    Yanbu, Al Madinah

  • fish