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  • Bicol, Philippines, 2014

    There. A glimpse, a small part of what you can see when you visit the Philippines. Mabuhay! :)

  • To the East

    Sunflower field, Kawakawa Hill.

    Ligao, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • Rice Puto sa Kawakawa

    (I had these good people’s names somewhere but —as these were taken two months ago— I can no longer recall.)

    Together in their simple store, this couple make delicious rice puto for a living. Using bao or coconut shell, ground rice (not sure if gelatinous) is stuffed with sweetened grated coconut and steamed on an improvised (or, rather, traditional) steamer. 

    Let it cool a bit and savor the natural sweetness of the rice. Really simple yet so gratifying.

    I think the good old lady’s name was Corazon.

    Ligao, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • Kawakawa Natural Park

    The place has been maintained properly and actually looks cleaner and better, since my last visit way back 2011.

    Be ready to sweat and be relaxed (if they can happen at the same time) with the three-sixty view and the unli fresh air of Ligao. Click the photos for the caption.

    Ligao, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • Gold

    The sun finally appearing from Mount Mayon, soaking the rice field with golden light.

    Ligao, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • Mount Mayon

    Mayon Volcano as seen from the city of Ligao, Albay, just before the sun starts to show from behind.

    Renowned for its (almost) perfectly conical shape, Mount Mayon is Bicol Region's most iconic landmark. Also pictured is Kawakawa Hill.

    Ligao, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • Streams of Busay Falls

    Another name of the Busay Falls I heard is Pitong Sagurong. Pitong Sagurong translates to 'pitong alulod' in Filipino or ‘seven gutters’ in English and refers to the seven-tiered waterfalls. You will need ample time —and a local guide if you’re not from around, of course— to visit all seven.

    Malilipot, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • A butterfly resting on a boulder in one of the streams of Busay Falls.

    Malilipot, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • Seven Waterfalls

    Malilipot, a municipality in the province of Albay, hosts the seven-tiered waterfalls called Busay Falls. Naturally, one has to hike the mountain in order to get to the other falls. The first one is often teeming with swimmers especially on the height of summer.

    I was told that Malilipot, a Bikol word, translates to ‘very cold’.

    Malilipot, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • John Muir
  • "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
  • Field by the Cone

    With the trees and other interesting elements, I thought I would have ample time to practice using the IR filter during the vacation but didn’t have much opportunity. (I had to sneak away from my family just to take these photos… and they had to wait for me, too! Hehe). Obtaining good focus is tricky with an attached IR filter, at least ime.

    Some of my other IR photos: #infrared

    Daraga, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

  • fish