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Elriz Buenaventura. Photography hobbyist. Food, landscape, people, nature, places.

All images © 2010-2014 Elriz Buenaventura unless stated otherwise.


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December 14, 2013
50/1.8 Dusk

50/1.8 Dusk

  Canon EOS 60D    Aperture: f/1.8    Exposure: 1/500th    Focal Length 76mm    ISO100

50/1.8 Assalamu Alaikum

When I was a kid, c. 19XX, my grandfather would exclaim from time to time one of his favorite expressions —you know how folks have their favorite lines— which to me as boy, sounded like an incantation (read: ‘Abrakadabra’). He would always say, “Salamalaykum!" (at least that’s how I would transcribe it) with enthusiasm!

The carpets and some ornaments in their house were later on understood as some of his souvenirs from his own adventures in this foreign land. And in this very place, Yanbu, was where my grandfather spent years away from home to work for his family. It was only when he passed away while I was here more than a year ago when I learnt that he actually lived and worked exactly in this city. I don’t know how many decades have passed since then. It would have been great if he still lives so we (or at least, I) can share stories.

50/1.8 Radiate

50/1.8 Radiate

  Canon EOS 60D    Aperture: f/1.8    Exposure: 1/800th    Focal Length 76mm    ISO100

December 12, 2013

  Canon EOS 60D    Aperture: f/1.8    Exposure: 1/8000th    Focal Length 76mm    ISO100


  Canon EOS 60D    Aperture: f/1.8    Exposure: 1/250th    Focal Length 76mm    ISO160

Fifty in One Point Eight

Life has been pretty much hectic and it’s been a while since the last clicks. I felt the need (needy?) to click every now and then. You know.

Anyway. One resort is to carry the big guy with me to work and on errands with the 50mm. Bringing the kit lens is too tiresome (lazy!) and that the 18-135 is too conspicuous and thrice the size of the prime (too much complain, eh?).

Ayun. In short, I will shoot more with the 50, pretend that the lens can’t be changed, and restrict the aperture to 1.8 only (broad daylight schmallenge). Such posts will be tagged accordingly. But this doesn’t mean all posts will be restricted to this).

In other news, Christmas is definitely not in the air here (wink) and I am used to it already, but the weather is getting better, colder each day.

Have a fantastic Thursday The Twelfth! :D


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