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Elriz Buenaventura. Photography hobbyist. Food, landscape, people, nature, places.

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Tuyo + Sinangag + Itlog = Tusilog

tusilog is a combination of tuyo, sinangag, and itlog. I only made up the term and am not sure if it is commercially available as a meal.

You’ve probably heard of, and tasted, if you’re Pinoy or have visited a Filipino restaurant, the Tapsilog (tapa), and Tocilog (Tocino).

Tuyo, which means dry in Filipino, generally can be applied to any fish that has been dried as a means of preserving (and sometimes to squid as well, tuyong pusit) but most often than not, herring is the kind of fish that is used.

Arguably, tuyo is a food of the masses (pang-masa). While many might not like its smell at first, true blue Pinoys will enjoy and look after it once its taste is acquired. It is relatively cheap and fast to prepare.

Best served with tomato but also with vinegar dip. Also great when eaten along with champorado (chocolate [rice] porridge)!

There. Tusilog. Tuyo (dried herring), sinangag (fried rice), and itlog (egg).


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