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  3. shuttertrip answered: favorite frame/s: the dangling feet and the fishing pole with the sea/waves background. cool! :D
  4. amchphotography said: Great video, man!
  5. pixandum said: Fantastic!
  6. inlandwest said: nice!
  7. auxiliofaux answered: excellent editing. poetic. and a perfect document, i’d say
  8. memoriesinsnapshots answered: Awesoomme *o* I just love the colors kuya they look sooo real o.o
  9. 4096colours said: great …. and I’d like to see more!
  10. rainersteinke answered: Wow, very good work!
  11. mycreativevoid answered: Really nice the Elriz. I know video can me more work than photography but you pulled it off well. Nice edits, well chosen soundtrack.
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