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  • Saudi Weekend

    A glimpse on how some Saudis spend their morning on a weekend. Watching the sun rise from the gulf is definitely a must when you happen to be in the coastal city of Al Khobar.

    The saudi women, as often seen in public fully covered in their abaya, bare their feet and walk into the shallow parts of the Arabian Gulf.

    Young men eat altogether. Kids freely walk by the shores with their parents nearby.

    Just a small scene observed from a distance of how some Saudi people enjoy the natural surrounding given by the creator.

    Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    Canon EOS 60D | Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens | 02:37

    by elriz.tumblr.com

    1. rainersteinke answered: Amazing work, very nice!!!!!
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    7. ishaang said: lovely sunrise :)
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