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    Hardcore Leisure Fishing

    Dammam, Saudi Arabia

    Every weekend (especially Friday), fishing hobbyists frequent the seasides. Some of my colleagues are into this hobby.

    One time, I spent my Thursday night in Dammam to visit an old friend, and went to walk around and see the Eastern Province capital city.

    I chanced to see several fishers including some locals (there was even a man with his young daughter) and a bunch of kababayan, fellow Filipinos.

    I’d say fishing is one of the top pastimes of Filipino workers here who live by the coast.

    As always, these kababayans are friendly. (The guy up there is from Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines).

    Their catch was impressive. Never I have seen my colleagues’ icebox with that big yellow finned fish.

    One way I learned from them is the use of those snails (not hermit crabs). They hand pick them early on from a different location before heading to this spot, and what they do is they crush the shell to get the soft body and make it a bait.

    I thought the amount of fish they caught could last them a week (there were at least five of them, but I don’t think they put all of their catch in that container).

    There was one time, though, that my colleague spent one whole day (dawn to nightfall) fishing and he filled an icebox, alone.

    I tried fishing for experience, but I wasn’t patient enough for this thing. Maybe when I get old.

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