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  • Dubai Marina Walk

    First photo was my first take upon arriving in the area. Pictured are some of the buildings surrounding Marina and at the left side stands the twisted Cayan Tower (same designer as the Burj Khalifa's). As it was my first, the camera had not acclimatized yet and the moist gave that smudged light effect. (A not so good exposed shot, too.)

    Second photo was the last one I had before I was asked by a security to not use again a tripod (didn’t really get to experiment and get proper shots).

    Next photos by the fountain were shot with permission! The nerve. There was a security guy nearby and I asked before I took these shots. (Thanks to the concrete spheres where I laid the camera). I believe these kids were okay to be photographed (otherwise, I would have been confronted or jailed. lol).

    Walked some more and tried to look for some nice spots. Even tried shooting with the camera on the ground. The heat and humidity were just too hard to bear, so we called it a night. Plus it was already around 10:30 p.m..

    Frustrated? Hehe.

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