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  • Triumph of Death Over Life

    by Dr. José Rizal

    “In the penetrating psycho- logical analysis of the man by Mr. Blumentritt there is mention of Rizal’s sensitivity as an artist, Mr. Blumentritt being the possessor of three terracotta statues: ‘Prometheus Bound’, ‘The Victory of Death Over Life’, and ‘The Triumph of the Intellect Over Death’”.

    “We are losing in Rizal not only a faithful friend of Germany and German scholarship but also the only man with sufficient knowledge and resolution to open a way for modern thought into that far-off island world.”

    An excerpt from “The Life and Writings of Dr. José Rizal”

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      Triumph of Death Over Life by Dr. José Rizal An excerpt from “The Life and Writings of Dr. José Rizal”
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