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    Manama, Bahrain

    Filipinos love to eat. Pinoy expats working/living in Saudi Arabia who have grown up (in the Philippines) having pork in their diet will definitely want to visit this place in the neighboring Kingdom of Bahrain, once in a while.

    The place tried to be oriental with its bamboo/wooden interior and other ornaments. 

    At the area where we dined, I don’t know about the concept but it was cavernous. Literally. Decorated with lanterns, the ‘rocky’ area was somehow cozy.
    Of course, what else would we order? Pork. From Sinigang na Baboy (‘sour pork broth with vegetables) to Grilled Pork Chop, the menu was filled with various pork dishes.
    One not-so-good impression though. They knew we came, but it took them about twenty-five minutes before they took our order (we saw other customers got served ahead of us although we came earlier). That was after we begged them to do so. We were a bunch so we received some complimentary items –native Philippine food products, the kalamay, kutsinta, and biko
    Then after forty minutes more, our orders finally came.   
    Among the dishes we had were Sinigang na baboy, Grilled pork chop, Adobong baboy, Binagoongang baboy (pork in shrimp paste), Pork barbeque, Fried Liempo, Crispy pata.
    The Sinigang and the Adobo were served in clay pots.
    It was nice to have eaten pork after a long while. What’s nicer is you get to eat a wide variety. But it wasn’t a great idea to have ordered all-pork dishes (but let’s not talk about cholesterol). 

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  • Sinigang!

    Pork sinigang! Of the many variations of sinigang, every kind is almost a favorite. Shrimp, fish (tilapia and milkfish), sinigang na manok (sinampalukan), among others. Technically, any dish cooked (stewed) with tamarind as base —and other souring ingredients called panuka, but with the exception of vinegar like guava and calamansi— is called sinigang.

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  • Dancing Pulis



    Dancing Policeman.

    Ilagan City, Isabela.

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  • "Next Generation"

    These kids are going to be the parents and grandparents of another generations. Different colors and different class of adorableness.

  • fish