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  • Fish Kabsa

    That’s a big tilapia, a big onion, and a regular plastic spoon. Imagine the amount of that rice. I have acquired the taste and aroma of kabsa. (I didn’t like it at first). One primary spice used in this dish is the cardamom, which has that strong aroma. I tried biting it on how it is on a kabsa and no it is not intended to be consumed.

  • Jeddah: First Food Encounter

    The travel to Yanbu took a flight from Dammam to Jeddah and another at least three-hour land travel from there.

    We were picked up by Abdullah, who runs a service business.

    He knew we were hungry so ‘chop chop’ first, he said (a slang that means food, or eat, or to eat, or something like that.) He said he knew a place where there were fresh fish.

    Assuming he’s been with many Filipinos, I said in Filipino, jokingly, ‘Yung sa ‘mura’ ah’ (In a ‘cheap’ one). And he replied, ‘Bakit, kuripot?’ (Why, stingy?). 

    It was my first time to see this kind of set-up. Partitioned and al fresco. I believe this only operates at night (for obvious reasons) or if not, only during winter or the colder months. Jeddah is still hot and humid during this time.

    The inside was also sectioned and already carpeted.

    After eating, I entered the area where the uncooked fish were being kept (and sold, probably) and took some snaps.

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