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C006. Tocino
Pork Tocino (Sweetened Cured Pork) Recipe
Pork Tocino is a sweet pork dish that is traditionally served for breakfast in the Philippines. The original Tocino is marinated only with salt, sugar, and saltpeter, although pineapple juice may be added for a slightly tart flavor. Kapampangans who make tocino mix it for 2 to 3 hours in order to achieve the thickness and softness of the meat, then leave it overnight at room temperature before serving it
Tocino is a Spanish word that means ‘bacon’ or ‘cured meat’ and comes from back in the days of Spanish settlement of the Philippines.
Preparing it is nothing more than lightly frying it until it caramelizes on the edges. Common serving will include egg and rice on the dish as well. Tocino is quite tasty if one likes sweetly coated meats similar to many asian ‘sweet & sour’ dishes.  You can find this dish in many Carinderia and even in big fastfood chains in the Philippines package as To-Si-Log meaning Tocino, Sinangag (pinoy fried rice) and Fried Itlog (Egg).
Information via J. Maristela (goddessofscrumptiousness)
What frying above is actually chicken tocino, since pork is not available in Saudi Arabia.
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C005. The Bathroom Key.
I managed to edit each frame to add a little effect and mitigate the noise.
Still grainy. Still a long way to go!