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Rice Puto sa Kawakawa

(I had these good people’s names somewhere but —as these were taken two months ago— I can no longer recall.)

Together in their simple store, this couple make delicious rice puto for a living. Using bao or coconut shell, ground rice (not sure if gelatinous) is stuffed with sweetened grated coconut and steamed on an improvised (or, rather, traditional) steamer. 

Let it cool a bit and savor the natural sweetness of the rice. Really simple yet so gratifying.

I think the good old lady’s name was Corazon.

Ligao, Albay | Elriz Buenaventura 2014

50/1.8 Afritada



(Source: elriz)

50/1.8 Spice

(Source: elriz)

Pritong Tupa (Fried Lamb)

We’d like to believe that its taste is the closest to pork. My frequent order in the Karachi Restaurant.

Sixteen riyals (4.27 USD, halos 190 piso. Ang mahal, sa totoo lang).

(Source: elriz)

A Quick Break

This trip was really tiresome for our feet. (But my eyes were feasting. I swear.) 

After actually passing by the Union Terrace Gardens, Kevin looked for a coffee shop to sit for a little while.

What we found was a movie house. We went inside the Belmont Picturehouse along Belmont Street. We didn’t eat anything but just had refreshment instead as it was nearing dinner time. I had IRN-BRU and he had coffee.

We didn’t watch either, but we talked about the films listed in the booklet on the table.

We are of different generations, therefore, all the films that he said that were good are totally unknown to me. (I brought the booklet home and actually downloaded some of the films featured).

Likewise, I recommended him two familiar animated films listed: My Neighbor Totoro (my hat) and the Grave of the Fireflies, both by Studio Ghibli. I described Grave of the Fireflies to him as ‘the saddest animated film I have seen’.

This was it. Our long walk and trip to Aberdeen City was about to end. Few more snaps. :)

T.G.I. Friday’s | Esplanade, Aberdeen, Scotland

And what’s the best way to end this wonderful evening by the beach?

Thank you, Aberdeen for the beautiful, cold beach!

Have a Break | Aberdeen
Have some empire biscuits.

Have a Break | Aberdeen

Have some empire biscuits.

The Village Pub Bar | Bucksburn, Aberdeen

Do I eat the chips (or crisps?) WITH the sandwich? 

Ham and cheese toastie with Mexican chilli crisps, and a can of (the highly-recommended) Irn-Bru. :DD