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  • He was of one those who received the copies, and now the colleagues want some too. They sell, how do you call them, cosmetics?, salon, equipment like those giant, bowl, astronaut-ish-stuff where ladies put their head in. And also electric razors. My brother wants an electric razor, so, I might ask for a discount, since we are ‘friends’ already. Hehe. ~The portrait he’s holding

    I am honestly thinking if this can be turned into a small business, just for fun and for a little extra income (which I can use to buy photography/camera related stuff). For how much though? ;)

  • The goldsmith. I know you can’t [clearly] see the photo he’s holding. ~Bottom right of this photoset.

  • Sadiq (friend) Amin, also known as ‘Bayaw’ (brother-in-law in Filipino) got his copies (and of the guys who weren’t at the store). He kept on offering softdrink, coffee and/or tea. He gave that pen as a return. (24K gold with two diamonds! Just kidding). (I have noticed that I have been shooting undersat photos lately. Anyway.) ~His portrait here. 

  • This guy, who actually is a Yemeni, probably has the most intense Arabic look among the people I have shot. He honestly scares me a little. The facial hair, the scarf, the eyes. It’s the features. But in reality, a very friendly person (he will even speak to you in Filipino). ~His black and white (slightly-out-of-focus) portrait here.

  • Tailor Swift Fazalahmed got his copy. See the photo he’s holding. Really doesn’t want to look towards the camera. ~Fazalahmed’s portrait here and some of his equipment.

  • The fishing equipment guy received his copies(I don’t get to ask all the names of the people I shoot, but sometimes, when I do, I just forget). He was with his friend when we shot but wasn’t around when I came back to give them their photos.  ~Portraits here and here (I gave him the untouched/uncropped prints), and his friend’s here.

    Edit: (Note: self-assessment) I find the portraits now compared to ones before a bit better in terms of focusing and a little on the proper positioning of the subjects.

  • laurabfernandez replied to your photo: Amek was the first to receive his copies. He…

    Heartwarming,Elriz,these are awesome.

    amchphotography replied to your photo: Amek was the first to receive his copies. He…

    Super cool that you’re giving those people their own photos! You rock! :)

    amchphotography replied to your photo: Mr Piolo Pascual and his co-stars also received…

    Oh man! I love these portraits!!!

    edmurphypal replied to your photo: Mr Piolo Pascual and his co-stars also received…

    what you’re doing is inspiring. i really like this

    Thank you, guys, for the kind words about this mini endeavor. (I tagged the posts with #give away, for those who haven’t.)

  • Mr Piolo Pascual and his co-stars also received their copies. I hope I can get a good discount from them in the future. Hehe. ~Mr Piolo’s portrait here.

  • Amek was the first to receive his copies. He fulfilled his promise to give me a screen protector for free. :) ~Portraits here.

  • Last 22 July, as mentioned, I was able to give time to print the portraits and also give them away. If I were to charge them, in minimum amount, how much should I tell them (hehe, ‘cause some of them asked for the price). Just to have an idea, you know.

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