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  • Light and Guidance.

    I had a serious kind of fun photographing them. Of course, I had to ask first from the father (they’re Chinese) if I could take candid shots of them. For most of the times they were around, I was just watching them —cheesy— and I felt like just ‘absorbing’ their genuine time together. I showed them the photos after. I didn’t bother to get his contact number or email, but now I have the urge to print some and give him copies.

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  • Hopefully not.

    Hopefully not the last gulf sunrise I will see this year. From last Thursday, 20 September. Still have one more weekend, inshallah.

  • Eastern Province Water Tower | Al Khobar, SA

    Two hundred eighty-five seconds. Noise. Almost like an old photograph. Colors not swapped.

  • From hot to cold.

    Once again, summer is on its course to leave this part of the Arabian Peninsula and this time of the year is remarked by some autumn-ish changes.

    As much as I’d like to imagine, there are only two seasons in the Kingdom —summer and winter— and I just wishfully attribute these signs to fall. (Don’t really know how a real autumn feels).

    Trees shed leaves, extreme heat and humidity subside, animals play more in the open, and, as shown previously, birds are more present. Lots of species of birds come visit the coast including crows, doves, sandpipers, egrets and some more. Flocks of birds flying over the gulf can be occasionally seen. And for the first time, I spotted a group of flamingos.

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  • The weather has improved since September came in, with less humidity. I thought it was time to meet and greet Mr. Sunrise again. That’s lens fog doing some effect, taken last Friday the thirteenth.

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