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  • The last and largest of the three* flocks that passed by the Gulf one Friday morning (02.10.12).

    *1st, 2nd

  • Another (different) flock.

  • Flock.

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    (Source: elriz)

  • Sunspot.

    ISO80, f/8, 1/2500

  • Sierra Madre Mountain Range

    A view from 14.711526, 121.178096. The closest mountains are still part of the town of Montalban (Rodriguez), and beyond are of Antipolo particularly to the right.

    These two are the largest of Rizal’s municipalities in terms of land area (although Antipolo is the only city) with Montalban 312.70 km², and Antipolo 306.10 km²

    (Source: elriz)

  • Sierra Madre Mountain Range

  • fish