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  • Meet Diego the Mongkey.

    Man, you don’t say it man-key, mon-key, but mong-key! Tsk.

    Ilagan Sanctuary, Ilagan, Isabela.

  • George (our tour guide) points a torch toward the stalactite to reveal its crystals.

    Sta. Victoria Caves, Ilagan Sanctuary, Ilagan Isabela.

    Experience darkness while learning some geology stuff and a bit of history through a tour to the town’s protected caves.

  • lakbay: Sta. Victoria Caves

    Ilagan Sanctuary, Ilagan, Isabela

    Caving. These protected caves can be explored with the help of a local tour guide. Visitors are no longer allowed inside the caves without the company of a tour guide due to past experience of people taking parts/chunks/ of the stalactites/stalagmites as souvenirs.

    The caves also have some areas that are suitable for adventurers where crawling, ducking and walking through water will be required. The caves contain interesting figures or formation and a few glittering stalactites.

    (Source: elriz)

  • Ang Pawikan na si Dugong. (Dugong the Pawikan)

    While you can take the naming lightly —because Dugong, as we know, is a close relative of sea cows and manatees— living here is a sea turtle (pawikan) and as its name suggests, is a marine creature.

    Aside from the small and stagnant water, the place where this pawikan is in looks poorly maintained, without any filter or any mechanism of that sort.

    Can sea turtles survive in fresh water?

    When in captivity, sea turtles should be maintained in water with a salinity level falling within a range of that of normal, natural, incoming seawater. Short periods of holding sea turtles in fresh water can be tolerated and are useful when prescribed by a veterinarian, e.g., to remove parasites and fouling epibiota such as barnacles. However, prolonged periods in fresh water should not be encouraged. Sea turtles are meant for life in the sea, so they do best in an environment with a similar salinity. #33

    [I did (could?) not take a picture of the poor being in that Mini Zoo.]

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