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  • Yanbu Fish Market. My favorite place here in Yanbu.

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  • A self-portrait.

    Excuse the serial-killer, y-so-serious, dirty (like grimy lol) look.  

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  • Light and Guidance.

    I had a serious kind of fun photographing them. Of course, I had to ask first from the father (they’re Chinese) if I could take candid shots of them. For most of the times they were around, I was just watching them —cheesy— and I felt like just ‘absorbing’ their genuine time together. I showed them the photos after. I didn’t bother to get his contact number or email, but now I have the urge to print some and give him copies.

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  • Gas

    i’d like to see this guy again and hand him printed copies of his photos

  • Al Karachi Restaurant

    Most, if not all, local restaurants I have been to here have the pictures of the kings. Whereas in the Philippines, you are most likely to see images of Mother Mary or Jesus Christ, or local artists —matinee idols, singers, etc— or bring that to Asian level, literally, famous Taiwanese groups! (That was during my time —I think Koreans are a craze nowadays).

    We have adapted. As this restaurant is one of the very few places in the area where cooked food is served, which we prefer over the others, apparently, we have learned to ignore the not so welcoming ambiance. (I will not mention that one of my colleagues, Abdullah —I am brave to drop name as there are lots of Abdullahs around— who is a Jordanian, would rather skip meals than dine in here).

    But of course, we wouldn’t patronize the place if we didn’t like the food. For me, it is actually an interesting place. Generally, a place like this. A melting pot cauldron. You would hear lots of languages, observe different behaviors, see people in different attires, and even meet some compatriots ('Musta kabayan!?).

    (Man in the last photo is one of the friendly personnel).

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