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  • A 360° panoramic view of mi hometown, Montalban. Well, a relatively small portion of the 312.70 km² mountainous town.

  • Adding More Variety To This Boring BlogPolar Panoramas

    Made this last year (sounds a long time ago, when it was actually just last December 2011, which was last year). I used this for the 'thank you' 2011 post (click here please if you wish to see the collage) and since then I was planning to create some more polar panoramas.

    New submenu.

    Anyway, aside from the cinemagraph project (click here to see my first attempts), which I haven’t made any progress yet, I’ll include and consider this as a new project. And you can, as usual, see a link through under the 'Start exploring' menu titled polar panoramas where they will be filed under.

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