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  • Last post for this fun shoot. The ones that I could not resist converting to black and white.

  • Few days ago, on the first day of the Hajj vacation, colleague Shawn invited me to join his photo shoot with Haider (left) and Ahmmed (right) —they were the ‘models’. 

    I am not good at portraiture, like asking the subjects to pose, or directing them on how to or what to do, but it’s always been fun (see other photo shoots) to do once in a while. Will post the photos I have selected.

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  • A self-portrait.

    Excuse the serial-killer, y-so-serious, dirty (like grimy lol) look.  

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  • Light and Guidance.

    I had a serious kind of fun photographing them. Of course, I had to ask first from the father (they’re Chinese) if I could take candid shots of them. For most of the times they were around, I was just watching them —cheesy— and I felt like just ‘absorbing’ their genuine time together. I showed them the photos after. I didn’t bother to get his contact number or email, but now I have the urge to print some and give him copies.

    (Source: elriz.com)

  • Gas

    i’d like to see this guy again and hand him printed copies of his photos

  • First Formal Photoshoot

    Last 27 July, I had the chance to shoot with other photographers here in SA. I have known these people for a while but never had the opportunity to actually come and shoot with them in an actual portrait session like this. They do this occasionally and I thought I’d give it a try.


    We came at the client’s house late afternoon and started setting up the lighting. Most of the gears were from them, so I knew nothing which to put where. While the natural light was still available, the experienced colleagues allowed us (I was with another newbie with this kind of stuff, Shawn) to take some shots. I honestly thought we were going to rely on natural light as long it was present, at least for the entire ‘outdoor shoot’, until, yeah, they started setting up the lights out in the backyard.

    I was actually on my phone at that time, looking through the archives of our friend Naws, trying to get some posing and concepts. But as it turned out, it wasn’t the best time.




    Gift Chima on a high chair during some trial shots. Some might have noted that not all women in Saudi Arabia are bound to be covered in black dress (abaya), after all.

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