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  • Time.

    How long have you been fixing watches?

    Forty-two, he said, and then handed what seemed to be an album. 

    Thanks to this man, Mohammed Usman, I can again wear the watch my father gave me years ago. I accidentally broke its strap and it took me some time before I got to bring it for repair. (Note: that wasn’t the proper time yet).

    The watch isn’t a high-end model, nor an expensive one. It was an incentive given to my father for his 25 years of service in the company he is working at. The value of this watch is closely equal to the length of the time I have been in this world. He recently received yet another watch for his 30th year.


    What, where will I be in 25 plus years? <Play Jason’s ‘Living In The Moment’ song>.

    Usman’s shop is a tiny (2 feet by 2 feet) table in a poorly lit alley in Al Khobar, and his crafting is only aided with a pair of eyeglasses and asmall lamp.

    I asked for his photo but he refused.

    Impolite, yes I was, but I thought this man’s forty-two years must not be missed by my lens.

  • My partner in crime on mini adventures, in exploring my hometown, Montalban, in catching fish, in planting trees, my father. Happy Birthday! 

    Some of our trips together:

    Wait for my return! \ml,

  • Mga Pagdiriwang

    Ika-19 ng Hunyo. Una, Maligayang Bati kay Pepe. Sa natatanging Filipinong manunulat, iskultor, pintor, iskrimador, duktor, laboy, bentrelokwist, chickboy, at kung anu-ano pa (‘yan lang ang mga katangian/kakayahan ni Pepe ang tumatak sa akin sa pag-aaral ng Rizal). Sa ating super hero, Happy Birthday!

    Isang araw bago ang kay Pepe, siya namang araw ng kapanganakan ng aking nanay. Ika-18 ng Hunyo, isinilang si Rizalina Adriano. Obyusli, isinunod ang pangalan niya kay Rizal. Happy Birthday muli, nanay!

    Ika-19 din ng Hunyo, pinagdiriwang [ng ilan] ang Araw ng mga Tatay. Kaya, isang pagbati para sa aking tatay, Rafael Buenaventura.

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  • fish