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  • Countryside | Aberdeen, Scotland

    (Click the image to enlarge. Am enjoying applying the tilt-shift effect.)

  • The Granite City | Aberdeen, Scotland

    (Click the photo to zoom). “During the mid-18th to mid-20th centuries, Aberdeen’s buildings incorporated locally quarried grey granite, which can sparkle like silver due to their high mica contents.

    The city has a long, sandy coastline. Since the discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s, other nicknames have been the Oil Capital of Europe or the Energy Capital of Europe.” [*]

    (Source: elriz)

  • Trying the tilt-shift effect on mobile phone snaps. See all photos with tilt-shift effect here: tagged/tiltshift

  • Missing my hometown so much. 

    Just a little fyi, these houses/this area is a bit far from the actual place where I live/d. This is (just a tiny portion of) a newly developed subdivision at the foot of the mountain.

    This area used to be a vast greenfield, mostly rice fields or farmlands, acquired by developers and now host settlers both from ‘native’ Montalbeños and (but mostly) non-native, coming from different cities/towns and provinces.

  • Tilt-shift-slash-sandstorm-slash-pseudo-double-exposure-due-to-the-reflection-edition.

    So I don’t know what will happen to tomorrow morning’s planned early photowalk. This sandstorm has gotten worse since this morning. Hoping it will be gone by then. "Insha’Allah." <^^,><

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