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    For my second close-up video entitled ‘move’ —which was indirectly teased (hopefully) through the screenshots from the previous post, I recorded some details and ‘life’ of these seasonal flowers, and additionally, of bees.

    The area where this was shot sits along the coast of the Arabian Gulf/Persian Gulf and naturally, wind will be strong and persistent from time to time.

    For this series, it proved to be a huge challenge to obtain the desired focus and capture stills of the subjects —not to mention bees move and fly actively.

    On a personal note, this is dedicated to someone from the past. Thank you. 


    Camera: Canon EOS 60D

    Lens: Canon 100mm f/2.8 USM

    Music: The Abum Leaf - Drawing Mountains (I intend no copyright infringement as I hold no rights to the copy of this music.)

    Duration: 00:03:43

    Check out my first close-up video: beach. life.

    And the rest of the videos here

    If you are going to watch, please see it in fullscreen, para fullscreen. Hehe. Thank you!

  • Just Lights

    A journey with lights when exiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the neighboring country/kingdom, Bahrain, via the King Fahd Causeway.

    The 25km-long causeway links the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Crossing the Gulf of Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf, the causeway starts in Saudi Arabia at Al-Aziziyyah, south of Al Khobar, and extends up to Al-Jasra, west of Manama in Bahrain.

    An experiment with night video, taken fully in Auto Exposure mode. For me, the grain can get so high but generally acceptable. Taken using an EOS60D, through a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

    Music courtesy of The Album Leaf. No copyright infringement intended.

    Special thanks to Chris for posting the music.

  • Beach. Life.

    An attempt to make another docu-ish montage, this is a video showing some of the fauna that are usually not seen easily or given much notice on the beach of Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, which is part of the Persian Gulf. 

    Shot during a low tide, some of the life forms on this natural setting are momentarily exposed to the atmosphere including some flora. The changing season —from winter (or spring) to summer is marked by the prolific growth of seaweeds and algae. 

    As with the fauna, one can observe, upon close inspection, that this coast is populated by gazillions of hermit crabs. It is peculiar and curious how the small hermit crabs are the only ones that are on the shallow part. I mean, where are their parents? (Hermit crabs live in different depths, depending on the species. But the population of these millimeters-sized critters, most of which are smaller than my pinky nail, intrigues me.) 

    Big or more mature hermit crabs in the Philippines aren’t that shy to show up and are comparably more colorful.

    Also spotted are some sea snails. We know that hermit crabs don’t generate their own shells like snails do, and they just and must coexist in nature. Dead snails are a plus for the hermits —an empty shell makes room for a hermit that has outgrown its house). There are lots of barnacles. Some have become submerged or even fully exposed to the air because of the low tide. Gray lice-like insects? Can’t exactly remember how I came to spot them.

    I could have spent more time searching for other creatures and taking videos but the memory card got full so fast.

    This video was taken using a Canon EOS 60D through a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens with the help of a flexible tripod. (Extreme caution is needed not to trip the heavy body and lens using this not so strong but versatile equipment, especially when working over water.) Music (Strange New Worlds) from www.opuzz.com. Long narrative is long.

    Side dish: When I was in primary school, I would buy one or two hermit crabs (or even more) as pets. Our town is a landlocked place, and the nearest seacoast (the Manila Bay) is some twenty-five kilometers away. People who make business out of this transport these fellas far, away from seawater, for money. We, kids, who were then innocent or ignorant of the creature, paid to have them.

    There are terrestrial species of hermit crabs but the ones marketed are aquatic.

    When I was older, I thought they wouldn’t be happy as much even if I had them in an aquarium. They are saltwater creatures, not freshwater.

    In the recent years, the level of marketing for this poor creatures leveled up —I used to see them placed in pales, crammed, each trying to move over one another. Now, they are sold in places (not just from petshops) like malls. Like, they have a separate stall for these creatures, sold with painted shells, heavily decorated terrariums, etc. It is okay if the person buying it knows things about a hermit crab. But this strategy (fancy colored ‘cute’ creature’) targets kids who are often inadequate of giving sufficient care. (That is a purely subjective opinion, based on my own experience and as a hobbyist as well who started young.)

  • Camel eats biscuit.

    A camel standing at the corner of an intersection in Khurais, Saudi Arabia which we stopped by. It approached our vehicle and as my habit, I take pictures of nearby camels while inside the car. My companions suggested that I feed it and there was a left over Belvita biscuit nearby and I gave it which the camel immediately took. It was a bit scary —it might bite my fingers. Or hand.

  • Yanbu Sunrise

    A quick, simple, short montage of video clips that I took one morning of September from the window of a hotel in Yanbu, Al Madinah Province, KSA.

    The video is just 960 by 720, just an experiment to do a ‘fast video’ of the sunrise (which doesn’t apply to the entire length of this clip), and to try Windows Live Movie Maker. The old, free trial vid editing programs I have have expired. Surprisingly, editing in the WLMM went way smoother than Sony Vegas Pro 10 and Corel VideoStudio 12, especially when trying to squeeze long clips. Although WLMM’s features are very limited, but has the basics. I just didn’t have the best materials to stitch.

    The actual sunrise scene, at 01:03, was ‘fast tracked’ by 32 times.

    Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

    Canon EOS 60D | Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens | 01:27

    by elriz.tumblr.com

    Other Videos:

  • Relaxed Lifestyle 

    My first try to do video here. I ran out of subjects and ideas yesterday to shoot so I decided to take some video clips while watching a kabayan (fellow Filipino) fisher do his stuff.

    This is a typical scene here by the gulf during weekends and holidays, similar to our Manila Bay. 

    Corniche, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    Canon EOS 60D | Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens | 01:04

    by elriz.tumblr.com

    (Any feedback?)

  • Kamaynilaan.

    A video montage of clips from various places in the metro. 

    (Source: elriz)

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