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  • Burj Khalifa

    Burj Khalifa among other Dubai skyscrapers on a humid morning.

  • Inside the Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1

    Mobile snaps inside the HKIA during a three-hour stopover.

  • Christmas

    Among the things I miss the most. (So let’s keep a record.)

    Christmas season starts early in the Philippines. As early as September, you will start to hear Christmas melodies over the airwaves and also by jolly neighbors —that’s an almost literal meaning when you say ‘Christmas is in the air' here.

    Since I will be leaving today for Saudi Arabia, I assembled our Christmas tree last night. It is our new Christmas tree, acquired last year. The one I grew up with was older than me, literally, which was over 25 years old when they let it retire.

    It will be my fourth Christmas away from family and I am glad I did this. Father even helped me decorate the tree. Hehe.

    So, an early Merry Christmas!!!

  • Monsoon

    Among the things I miss the most. (So let’s keep a record.)

  • We are currently experiencing continuous, torrential rain, (it was thundering earlier), brought by Tropical Storm Mario (Fung-Wong) and the monsoon. It now threatens residents who are living near the Marikina River (and other flood prone areas) which calls for evacuation.

  • Five A4 prints for my room.

    It’s been a while. It will be three weeks tomorrow since I arrived home. Enough time to fix things and get ready for a new beginning. Soon, I will be leaving again. Slightly different setup but basically the same working environment.

    Above are five prints now hanging in my room. They look a bit better in actual (details), although the prints have that greenish tone despite their being ‘black and white’. I just did not complain about it in the print shop. The frames are cheap and are okay.

    From left to right: (1) World Trade Center Bahrain; (2) Mosque, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; (3) Pitong Sagurong Falls, Albay, Philippines; (4) Marischal College, Aberdeen, Scotland; (5) Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

    The waterfalls is an odd addition since I couldn’t think of an appropriate one from home. In the future, I plan to hang bigger prints in a more spacious area/wall. :)

  • Clouds over Arabia in wigglegrams

  • "You drift through life and let things happen to you, or go by design and say, ‘This is what I’m intended to do.’"

  • A new chapter.

  • "…dandelion…”

    Missed to post this one here but it has been on the YS page and surprisingly, somehow, made it to the trending/popular page. :)

  • Yanbu Mangrove

    A group of expats hunting for crabs.

  • fish